"The one thing more expensive than education is ignorance"

Benjamin Franklin


Personalised tutoring and assessment programs for :

IB- HL/SL : Economics, All Science, English, Maths, Accounts

IG - (6-8) Science, Maths, English / (9&10) English Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounts, Economics


​A Levels - English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounts, Economics


IB - Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English

Scientia Academy’s Unique Learning Methodology
Scientia deploys a unique, blended and student-centric multi-modal methodology of classroom learning.  Students learn concepts through classroom teaching and facilitation, practice concepts through computer simulations and hands on experiments in the laboratory. A well equipped digital library is available to explore beyond the curriculum. Quizzes and worksheets are used to map the progress of your child and to develop a learning path based on interest and aptitude.

The Scientia curriculum caters to the IGCSE &  IBDP course requirements for International schools in India.

Cambridge Checkpoint 

Cambridge IGCSE 

Cambridge A levels

IB curriculum