IGCSE, IB/A-level Specialists


Scientia Academy was founded in and started operations on 5th September 2010 at Mumbai, India, with a vision to instill a love for education in children and young adults. 


Scientia Academy specializes in the Cambridge IGCSE, A level and the Swiss IBDP curriculum. Unlike other boards, these curriculum's require a strong grounding in application-based learning. Scientia Academy addresses this need specifically by building curiosity, knowledge and scientific thinking in students through carefully planned experiments and lab work. Our innovative programs help young children learn about various subjects through our fun lab based after-school programs. Students are encouraged to participate in inquiry-based discussions and strengthen their ability to apply knowledge rather than merely rote learning. Scientia Academy strives to engender scientific interest in children in this technology-centric era when science is as vital as reading and writing.


The Scientia Academy methodology is

  • Hands on application approach to learning

  • Building cognitive skills through research and inquiry

  • developing analytical skills through practical work 

  • balancing group-learning with individual attention


With its methodology Scientia Academy has been able to consistently improve scores by 25 – 30% in the B / C & below category of students and by 5-15 % in A category of students. All students joining Scientia Academy are through referrals from existing parents and students.


Our strengths :

  • Carefully designed curriculum for focused preparation 

  • Course planned to reduce learning stress on students

  • Regular tutorial and doubt solving sessions

  • Extensive study material and question banks designed to test and develop mastery of subject 

  • Resources to build strong conceptual understanding  

  • Strategies to ensure students understand relevance and application of concepts

  • Well equipped labs


Scientia Academy strives to continually improve the learning process for children through sustained investment in research and development. We believe in the importance of being at the forefront of our industry and continue to create cutting-edge and student-centric hands-on programs for kids. Our unique approach to teaching  generates and sustains a love for the subject in children that propels them to pursue dynamic and fulfilling careers. Our students have been getting admission for undergraduate studies at top ranking and well recognized universities in India and abroad


Since inception, Scientia Academy has seen a steady growth in the intake of students and a current full time staff strength of 15. This growth is greatly attributed to the unique methodology used in the teaching techniques, which excites and inculcates young creative and innovative mindsets in the science space. So far Scientia has focused on classroom based delivery. From 2020 Scientia is looking to introduce the blended delivery model and the online delivery model. Scientia is currently piloting online programs in IBDP and A levels.


For the academic year 2019 - 2020 Scientia Academy has also added Accounting, Economics, English and Business Studies to its portfolio of subjects offered at the request of parents. In the academic year 2020-21, Scientia plans to commence SAT coaching and also provide in-house career counselling for the students.