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Rohan has been a part of Scientia since its inception. For us, the contribution of Scientia cannot be fully expressed, in the journey of Rohan's quest for knowledge and learning. It has played not just a teachers role but a parents role as well. We as parents could leave the learning matters fully in the hands of Scientia and feel completely relaxed knowing very well that he is in safe hands. 

Training him well on the content of the subject so he is a master of it is one part. This was excellent at Scientia. However, what Scientia is different than coaching classes is the flexibility and a complete commitment to ensuring that the student actually learns that topic. Though it does depend on the student's interest in learning it too, the way the organisation would take a personal interest and track his progress ongoingly, the flexibility in scheduling special classes If required due to missed classes, doubts or any other reason, we could bank upon them without even any communication. 

So after a good 7-8 years of our journey together all we can say is a big big Thank you for being a part of this special journey of Rohan with us which neither he nor we will ever forget. Rohan may get more teachers in his journey ahead but you will always be like mother teachers to him who got him grounded in the first place. Our experience was never as a commercial transaction, but always a partner in a new creation. 

Thank you again, God bless you both and all at Scientia. Thank you to each and every  Rohan's teacher at Scientia who made him what he is today. May you all continue providing to all your other students what you provided to Rohan. May you and your students flourish.

Binda & Yogesh Sawhney

(Rohan's Mother)

Kudos to Scientia for helping Neev achieve his goals! Neev has got an A* in 7 subjects of which 4 subjects were taught at Scientia (Maths, chem, Physics and Bio). We are extremely thankful to Scientia for pushing Neev and guiding him through this difficult time especially when at a certain stage complaceny tends to seep in! We are especially thankful to Meena Ma'am and Saadia ma'am who have patiently spent countless hours discussing Neevs progress with us, studying his weak areas in every subject, especially testing him on those areas and moreover maintaining a progress chart of every paper that he has attempted so that they could track his progress! Neev was allowed to spend as many hours as he would like to, at Scientia; learning resolving problems and attempting as many papers as time permitted and the results proved that it was all well worth it!

Manasi Vora

(Neev's Mother)

I have been associated with Scientia Academy for the last 3 years & not only am I happy but superly content with their teaching. The teaching staff is very pro active & is very helpful. The seniors of the institution ms. Meena & ms. Saadia are in continuous interaction with the kids. They both know the strengths & weaknesses if each & every student. They r always in touch with the parents updating them about their child's performance. They r always motivating the children to keep striving harder. Today I owe my sons success to Scientia Academy... Thank u so much

Swetha Parekh

(Dhruv G's Mother)

My son, Balaji Harihar, has been attending Scientia Academy since 2010. I have found a marked improvement in his ability to apprehend concepts, interpret data, sharpen observations and prepare concise outcome reports. He has been coached in a very in-depth and methodical manner. This has been instrumental in reinforcing his basic concepts as well as his ability to interpret this domain body of knowledge. I have observed this in Science and Mathematics. I would like to add that this grounding has helped Balaji come out with flying colours in the Maths and Science Olympiad, where he qualified for the second level. I would also like to make a special mention of the teachers, who have been the driving force behind Scientia. Their untiring efforts in explaining concepts and their enthusiastic support, well beyond the call of duty, have also been the striking features of Scientia.

Rema Harihar

(Balaji's Mother)

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Over last two and a half years, Scientia has provided essential inputs to my daughter's development. My daughter has developed a keen interest in science which I attribute to their teaching methods which mainly include teaching through experiments. They are very flexible in adjusting to my daughter's schedule. Now I am planning to enroll my younger daughter in Scientia..

Ashwini Sankhe

(Reva's Mother)

My experience with Scientia Academy was really good. I was very happy with their method of teaching and the attention that was given to my child. I would specially like to mention the support extended by Meena Ma'am and Saadia Ma'am when it came to the completing of the syllabus and achieving academic goals. 

Tejal Pau


My son Maanav , now a student of IB at Dhirubai Ambani Internatioal School appeared for mocks with Scientia Academy . Not only did he benefit from the personal guidance at Scientia Academy but also gained confidence and speed. The teachers cleared all his doubts and that was exactly what he needed. He got all A* in Math and Sciences including Biology, from around 75-80 in biology, he went to a 95/100 along with a new appreciation for the subject! Not only are the teachers well versed with the Cambridge curriculum and guidelines, but they are very enthusiastic and helpful.

Seema Ganjoo


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Scientia engages children in scientific explorations and experiments that are fun they forget they're learning. My son really enjoys his classes at Scientia and is also learning a lot.

Mrs. Nikita Shah

(Tanish's mother )

I am really impressed with Scientia Academy. My son comes home explaining all the interesting science facts he learned and applied through experiments. The teachers are really good. I am positive this will help him get a very strong foundation in science . I wish I had such an opportunity when studying – I would have enjoyed my science subjects instead of suffering through them.

Mrs. Bharti Suriyanarayana (Varun's mother)

(Varun's mother)

Sanam absolutely loves going to Scientia. She enjoys it so much that the class seems too short. The classes are providing her with a sound base in Science which will make science less scary in school.

Mrs. Namrata Chaturvedi

( Sanam's mother)

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